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Since it was established in 1991, supply chain solutions provider Cosco has been sourcing products from the Far East for distribution in the UK. Cosco works with an agent in China who oversees the management of containers,
ensuring that they are in the right place at the right time for onward movement to a Chinese port and ready for export.

cosco-basildon-038---low-resThe containers are transported on a Cosco vessel to Felixstowe where customs checks are carried out.

Cosco then arranges transportation to different locations around the UK. In addition, Cosco offer warehousing and distribution including a variety of value added services.


The Business Requirement

When Cosco acquired its first UK unit in 2005, it needed pallet racking and a two-tier mezzanine floor with fire protection.

Cosco sought tenders from three specialist warehouse solution suppliers to initially install and build the pallet racking for them. Their main criteria when evaluating the possible suppliers were price, experience and reliability.


The Solution

Of the three tender submissions received, Acorn Warehouse Solutions’ was the most competitive and clearly demonstrated their ability to interpret and realise Cosco’s warehouse vision.

As a result of the tender Cosco awarded the contract to Acorn who supplied and installed the pallet racking on time and to specification.cosco-basildon-034---low-res

The relationship between Cosco and Acorn has continued since that first installation in 2005 to the present day. The most recently completed project involved a racking installation in a further Cosco unit measuring 3500 square metres including three loading banks with dock levellers. During the long-standing contract Acorn has also installed a two-tier mezzanine floor with fire protection in the warehouse.


Key Benefits

For Cosco, involved in the logistics business, it was vital that the design, installation and commissioning of the new warehouse solution was completed to a strict project plan. Acorn proved to be a highly reliable and expert partner in the project, which came in on price and on time.

During the project they proved responsive, efficient and reliable, and provided a well designed solution which fully utilised the available warehouse capacity, thereby meeting expectations.


Customer Testimonial

“Having worked with Acorn in my previous position at P&O Trans-European I already had good trust in them. This trust is now also shared by my colleagues within Cosco. Acorn always meet our expectations.

“When you acquire a new warehouse there are so many different things to focus on. Acorn ran with the racking installation which meant I didn’t need to focus on that aspect – you only get that when working with an experienced and trustworthy business like Acorn Warehouse Solutions.”

Keith Batterson, Cosco Logistics – Chinese Shipping Line