It’s your warehouse space, it’s unique to your business, and it’s very valuable.

So it’s important that the layout of your warehouse space and the specification of the racking systems you plan to install are designed by experts who know what they are doing.

When you work with Acorn Warehouse Solutions, we’ll approach your warehouse project as a completely individual solution.

We’ll listen to your requirements and ask you about your products, access needs, stock and storage profiles, in order to build a picture of the best solution.

Then we will design your warehouse solution to maximise use of your available space and incorporate the elements you need such as picking and packing areas, conveyors, mezzanine floors and offices.

Finally we’ll supply, install and commission your racking, which can be a combination of any of the following types:

  • Single pallet racking
  • Double deep racking
  • Narrow aisle racking
  • Wide aisle racking
  • Reach truck applications
  • Pushback racking
  • Pallet live storage
  • Mobile racking and shelving
  • Drive in and through racking
  • Multi-tier systems
  • Cantilever systems
  • Long span solutions
  • Shuttle system
  • Re-use existing racking

Pallet shuttle system

The pallet shuttle system is a compact semi-automated pallet storage solution using self-powered shuttle carts which operate independently to move the pallets in the rack, this replaces the need for fork lift trucks and considerably reduces operating times thus enabling items to be grouped by channels rather than complete lanes.

The Pallet Shuttle System follows orders sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection, depositing the load in the first free placement location in the channel and compacting the pallets as much as possible.

Warehouse storage capacity is increased in terms of depth, the risk of accidents and damage to the racks is removed making it a cost-effective and time saving investment.

  • More effective high-density storage
  • Increased flow of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Greater capacity with storage of up to 40 m deep
  • Lower operating temperatures, even in freezer chambers with temperatures of up to -30°C.
  • Highly cost-effective, thanks to the reduction in operating costs.
  • Decreased incidents and maintenance costs.
  • Designed for high-turnover storage, this solution enables automatically loading and retrieving pallets continuously by using a remote controlled system.


Racking should be assessed for fork lift truck impact damage by competent person.

Regardless of the nature of the damage, each individual aspect needs to be examined in terms of any possible safety risk and then addressed accordingly.

Once again, the best means for this is to get an expert on board as early as possible and Acorn Warehouse Solutions can inspect and repair any make of racking or shelving.

Unsure what make? Send an image of the damage to admin@awsltd.biz  and we can help!

Used racking

If you are looking to replace one damaged beam, frame or kit out an entire warehouse with quality used pallet racking, Acorn Warehouse Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you.

We can supply and install any make of used racking to suit every budget:

  • Replacement beams and frames
  • Additional levels to existing layouts
  • Extra bays of pallet racking
  • Combination of used and new racking
  • Shelving
  • Timber decking
  • Mesh decking

For warehouse projects large or small if you are looking for quality second-hand pallet racking, Acorn Warehouse Solutions can provide the complete used pallet racking design, supply and installation service.

Call us now to discuss your requirements.

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Re-use existing

Combining your existing facilities with the installation of new racking in a new warehouse – or expanding the racking portfolio of your existing warehouse – is essential in continuing the productivity of your logistics operations.

Considering factors such as what forklift trucks you own or plan to buy, and ensuring that these are compatible with any racking systems that your warehouse will have.

Another consideration is lighting – if an existing or previous racking system was designed to work specifically with the current lighting system then Acorn can look into recycling this system.

All re-used and second hand racking will require Safe Working Load notices as recommended by SEMA and approved by HSE’s HSG76, Acorn can supply the SWL’s at the time of installation.

Racking inspections

A racking inspection is exactly as it sounds, an adequately trained inspector should regularly check all racking within your warehouse for any sign of damage, stress or defect, no matter how small and inconsequential it may seem. It is a vital part of the process of ensuring safe working conditions and even if you are fully confident in the structural integrity of your racking, slight knocks, overloading and general wear and tear can compromise the safety of your facility. Many of these flaws can be easily overlooked during busy, day-to-day operation, so taking the time to properly inspect for potentially hazardous areas is vital.

According to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), employers hold responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions for all employees, and will be held liable should they demonstrate a failure to do so.

For warehouse facilities, regular racking inspections are mandatory under PUWER, as even the slightest incident can affect the structural integrity of your racking. Inspections must be undertaken on a ‘regular’ basis by a competent person and these rather vague guidelines essentially mean that warehouse operators must decide for themselves how often they require an inspection. Smaller, low-traffic facilities may only require a routine annual survey performed by a qualified inspector; others will be best suited to a formal inspection every six months. Particularly fast moving or busy warehouses will need a weekly, or possibly daily, inspection by suitably trained individuals. Over time, you should see patterns develop that should help you to decide how often inspections should be performed in your particular case.

 If you fail to schedule and perform regular inspections you are leaving yourself open to massive risk. Not only are you risking financial troubles such as severe loss of stock, loss of productivity and legal expenses, you are also risking the health of your employees. Any injuries or health issues caused by neglecting to ensure safely installed and maintained racking will be regarded as a fault on the part of the company, and you will be held liable.

When it comes to racking inspections, Acorn Warehouse Solutions provide the highest standard available, our inspections are carried out in accordance with SEMA Codes of Practice with identification of Red Risk, Orange Risk and Green Risk. Qualified inspectors ensure they remain current and up-to-date by accumulating additional points on an on-going, yearly basis.

We are also fully capable of performing any required repairs and corrections, cutting down on disruption by handling the whole process together.