Why Using a ‘One-Stop’ Warehouse Solution Provider Makes Business Sense


It can be incredibly time-consuming (and needlessly stressful) trying to source the many individual elements that must be combined to form a complete and successful warehouse solution project.


Different suppliers may have differing approaches that don’t easily integrate. Inevitably, managing multiple suppliers to deliver individual budgeted elements can complicate the project even further.

On top of that, timing and availability of each individual component needs careful co-ordination to ensure exact on time delivery – not too early, not too late.

When it comes to managing the multiple aspects of a warehouse design, fit-out and racking supply and installation, there are major benefits to using a single, experienced, one-stop warehouse service and solutions provider.

Read on to uncover the reasons why.

Fewer Suppliers to Manage

Trying to keep track of all the different suppliers you’re using can be fraught with risk and pitfalls. One slight glitch or delay in a schedule that isn’t managed tightly may have a knock-on effect that multiplies through the rest of the project.

One-stop warehouse solution suppliers tend to offer a wide range of services all under one roof. These may include complete warehouse layout design, supply and installation of pallet racking, design and installation of mezzanine flooring and design and installation of walkways, staircases and access lifts. It can also extend to ancillary services like heating, lighting and electricity.

If, further down the line, you find yourself in need of maintenance or a redesign, many one-stop solution providers also offer ongoing warehouse maintenance services.

The main benefit is that you won’t have search around for another supplier who stocks the same racking, flooring or walkways, or go back into your floor plans and installation logs and pass them along to a new installation team for reference.

That means there’s a huge timesaving and continuity benefit.

Fewer Purchase Orders and Invoices

It goes without saying that if you’re working with one supplier, you’ll need to process fewer invoices.

This means fewer credit checks, less number crunching, and less paper for the accounting department to sift through. Reducing the turnaround time on accounting will also save you money.

In terms of fit-out and installation, since it’s all being done under one project management team, they can make sure all the invoicing for labour is consistent, and you won’t be hit with any hidden or unexpected fees.

Faster Delivery

Using a one-stop warehouse solution supplier means that all the individual services and components of your solution will be planned, sourced and delivered through a single team who will manage all the logistical elements of your warehousing work.

A good one-stop supplier should project manage all aspects of the work, and penalty clauses can be put in place in case anything does arrive late.

The burden of responsibility for delivery and co-ordination therefore sits in one easily identifiable and definable place, which reduces risk, saves time and eliminates potential sources of confusion for both you and your chosen supplier.

Higher Quality

One-stop warehouse suppliers need deep pockets, reputable staff and excellent cross-company relationships to function properly, and this means that their supply chains are often of a high standard when it comes to quality and reliability.

More to the point, if the same firm has already designed your whole floor layout, space plan, interior fit-out and full installation, the quality of the overall solution will not be compromised by a badly planned installation process.

Likewise, if you’re relying on a single warehouse solution provider, it will be much more straightforward to ensure that the installations meet required health and safety standards.

Many one-stop solution suppliers will evaluate and submit health and safety paperwork on your behalf, communicating directly with local authority bodies where necessary to smooth the way.

Better Service

When you work with a one-stop warehouse solution supplier, you’ll get to know their internal teams and they’ll get to know you. Good supplier relationships are the foundation of good service in any business, and good communication is instrumental in that.

This means if problems crop up in the delivery of your project, your single source supplier is strongly incentivised to solve the problem seamlessly as the overall responsibility sits with them.

The key aspect in the delivery of a top quality project is full project management. As the main client stakeholder, you’ll have regular direct access to your project manager, giving you a sight of work schedules, supply lines and layouts.

When your warehouse fit-out begins, the scheduling and planning that comes with a single supplier should ensure that deliveries and installations are co-ordinated, and that work is carried out with the least possible amount of disruption to your ongoing business operations and work schedule.

Fewer Price Checks

While one-stop suppliers still provide different options for the supplies and fittings, there will be a great deal less cross-comparing than if you were sourcing everything independently.

One-stop providers typically maintain a roster of selected, reliable and trusted suppliers, who they will liaise with on your behalf and will work with them on projects regularly.

That means budgets are known and understood, and you’ll be working with people who are used to work with each other and to clear price points.

Overall Lower Purchasing Costs

Overall cost will be the most significant factor for many companies when making the decision on a substantial capital investment in a warehouse fit out project.

Sourcing from a one-stop warehouse solution provider means that you’ll get the benefit of their purchasing expertise, their experience and knowledge of competitive costs for different warehouse elements, and the pitfalls to avoid in managing large scale warehouse fit-out projects.

In cases where warehouse fit-out costs overrun, it tends to be due to poor logistical planning where, for instance, certain parts of the projects overrun or required components don’t arrive on time – impacting negatively on both delivery deadline and cost.

An experienced one-stop warehouse solution provider will either ensure that these issues don’t crop up or will bear responsibility.

Finally, opportunities to re-use or refurbish existing equipment can be evaluated and factored into the project, and if possible will push the costs down further still.


From top to bottom, it makes good business sense to source all of your warehouse solutions from a single provider.

There’s a much stronger guarantee of experience and expertise, less paperwork, a more consistent planning process and greater consistency across the entire planning, fit-out and installation process.

If you go down this route, it’s advisable to select the most qualified, reputable specialists available.

You’ll want to ask for proof of experience, get guarantees that the estimates will be consistent with the final costs, get to know your project manager and find out what their approach is (off-site/on-site, means of communication with suppliers, reputation).

Bringing all those different skillsets together into one company is no easy task, but Acorn Warehouse Solutions provide top quality services in warehouse design, racking supply/mezzanine floor supply and installation, project management and post-completion maintenance.

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