Acorn Warehouse Solutions | David Ball Group


After seizing the opportunity to make specialist reference sand for the cement industry in 1971, David Ball created David Ball Group.

The Group is now the leader in the field as a manufacturer and specialist supplier of the world’s first concrete treatment, PUDLO, which is used internationally for the production of watertight, corrosion-resistant concrete structures. They also lead the way in the supply of high quality standard reference materials.

David Ball Group now exports its sands around the world for cement testing, electric fuse filling, man-made fibre production, water filtration and more.

The Requirement

With hundreds of pallets distributed around different locations, David Ball Group needed a new warehouse to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

In the early part of 2013 the Group acquired a newly refurbished warehouse for which they then required the design, supply and installation of a new pallet racking system.

The Solution

Following an internet search for local companies, the Group requested quotes from three specialist warehouse solutions provider companies, asking for designs and quotes based on a very open brief.

After receiving three very different designs, David Ball Group asked for the designs to be refined based on a more specific brief. Acorn Warehouse Solutions was the only company that followed the brief and listened to the Group.


Acorn presented a portfolio of previous work and proposed a competitive price. With this evidence of having worked on similar large projects before, David Ball Group was confident that Acorn would be capable of supplying and installing the pallet racking for over 300 pallets, and awarded the contract.

Key Benefits

A key benefit for David Ball Group was that Acorn kept them informed at each step of the process from the earliest stages of planning. When the installation date arrived in March 2013, Acorn’s supplied team of professional fitters to build the new pallet racking system.

On completion, the Group had a warehouse complete with fully operational pallet racking. Acorn had met all expectations, commencing on time, delivering quickly and efficiently and maintaining excellent contact throughout.

Client Testimonial


“Acorn Warehouse Solutions met our expectations.

“They maintained a high level of communication with us throughout the process. The management of the quotation, design and installation was excellent. I cannot praise their fitters highly enough for their incredible professionalism and tidiness.”

Dave Scaife

Factory Manager, David Ball Group