Case Study | Linda Farrow



Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand designs exclusive eyewear for the luxury market. With a long tradition of innovation, and as a pioneer of many designs and styles with an enduring appeal, Linda Farrow offers the ultimate fashion eyewear to the elite.

Collaborating with acclaimed designers such as Dries Van Noten, Philip Lim, and Matthew Williamson, Linda Farrow sunglasses are considered to be the most luxury eyewear in the world, with many frames made using precious metals including gold and platinum.


The Business Requirement

With limited space to expand their existing central London storage unit, the owners of Linda Farrow realised that their vision to grow the business – as well as to improve their operational processes – would be hampered until they could find new warehouse premises.

The challenge from Linda Farrow’s Managing Director to the logistics & systems team was simple: find new premises that would take their storage capabilities to the next level.

Armed with a clear requirements brief, the Logistics & Systems Director set about finding and procuring a new warehouse, initiating a tender process to fit out the new warehouse, which saw five warehouse solution companies compete for the work. While price was important to Linda Farrow, it was far from the deciding factor; they were looking for a positive approach and people who could build on their vision.

With their strong emphasis on innovation, personable approach and competitive price, Acorn Warehouse Solutions (AWS), emerged as the victors.


The Solution

AWS worked with Linda Farrow to help them realise the vision for the new warehouse.

They understood how important it was for the warehouse to be more than simply a practical storage unit, and pushed the boundaries with the design and implementation of the warehouse fit out.

They took the brief and developed it into something which didn’t simply perform a practical and functional warehouse role, but which was also highly fashionable, in keeping with the brand.

The finishes, instead of being traditional, were matched to the Linda Farrow brand. The entire warehouse comprised of functional and fashionable solutions including mezzanine flooring with removable shelving beneath for flexibility, and modular elements that can be rearranged when needed.


Key Benefits

Linda Farrow benefited from the vast experience and knowledge of AWS’s Managing Director, Kevin Fouhy.

Using his expertise, Fouhy was able to build on the original vision for the Linda Farrow warehouse and take it to the next level, yet still deliver the whole solution at a very competitive price point.

Having turned the new warehouse into a modern, functional yet stylish space, Fouhy earned the respect of Linda Farrow’s Logistics & Systems Director – who describes him as ‘brilliant’.

Linda Farrow’s owners are delighted with the end result, which provided them with an abundance of usable space to manage the storage and distribution of their eyewear products.

Our new facility has been game changing and has allowed us to grow our business. Kevin was brilliant, he used his knowledge to guide us through the process and we couldn’t be happier with the end result of our warehouse fit-out. We highly recommend Acorn Warehouse Solutions and when we need another fit-out, we’ll be in touch with Kevin again.”

Logistics & Systems Director, Linda Farrow